July 5, 2019

Joel and Brianna

I met Brianna in the middle of a near blizzard. It should have been my first clue that tenacity was not in short supply here.  In fact, it is not often that I meet one willing to face a challenge as readily as I do. In meeting Brianna, I'd met that tenacious match. She is desperately, deeply in love and there are no feet toastier than those in her (then) happily engaged shoes.

We took our time discussing her and Joel, since he wasn't available to talk that day. We discussed their playfulness and "opposites attract" mentality to tell their story. And when I met Joel not too long later, it was obvious. This couple gave me faith in fresh love.

Their day consisted of fragrant pink sweetheart rose dotted bouquets, Chinese forget-me-not casually mingled with babies breath on tables, and mini babies breath hoops signifying everlasting love above their heads amid reception guests.

Joel and Brianna know who they are as a couple. Their self assurance  is matched with a deep soulful connection that left me feeling oddly refreshed after what was a very long, hot, floral filled day. Their deep sincere appreciation made my heart swell. This was their day. Absolutely, perfectly them. And when the day was done, the florals were still gorgeous, but Joel and Brianna were more beautiful still.

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