June 27, 2019

What Does a Wedding Consist of?

A wedding consult with me starts with you reaching out. Once you fill out my questionnaire we'll set up a face to face meeting or a video/phone consult for those couples who live at a distance. We'll discuss your wedding day wants and needs, floral and otherwise. I'll spend some time getting to you know both, by asking questions about the two of you; what you do, your favorite things, first dates, family and friendships, your dreams and aspirations and more. I'll take that time jot down some words that seem to reflect your relationship. Using the Victorian basis of what is called "flower language", we'll build your story. I take these experiences and things you speak of to explain who you are as a couple and from that we'll come up with flowers from your color scheme that have that meaning behind them. I'll create ideas for designs that fit your ideas and budget equally. This process usually takes an about an hour, but we'll take our time to get it right for you both.

Once I've gotten this together, I'll share my ideas with you and present your quote for your wedding. You'll decide if I'm the right fit for your wedding, and once you have, you'll sign my contract and we'll hammer out details. Over the coming weeks/months, we'll be in touch occasionally to stay on track, but you're welcome to reach out to me anytime.

No wedding is too big or too small because every couples' story is just right.

Let's start forever for you.

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